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Tech headaches, solved.

Concierge technology advisors in Nashville.


You have a Financial Advisor to help navigate your finances & portfolio.

Now you have a Technology Advisor to make your personal tech work.

What is TechVIP?

Serving as your Private Technology Advisor, we provide highly personal, premium white glove service for all things technology: purchase decisions, setup, training, security, and maintenance.

Setting up new phones, tablets or laptops

Considering getting a new phone? We'll ensure it is set up with the right apps, accounts and security.

Organizing photos and files and saving them to the cloud

Are your photos stored in multiple places? We'll help organize them and ensure they are backed up.

Fixing technical problems with WiFi or any device

Is your wireless Internet slow in certain spots? We'll help ensure your home network is reliable and secure.

Optimizing email, calendar and other online accounts

Do you have multiple email accounts? We'll consolidate and make your email easy to manage.

Improving security to prevent hacking and identity theft

Are your passwords strong? We'll do a complete security audit to ensure your accounts are safe.

Auditing cable and streaming bills to eliminate waste

Are you paying too much for cable? We'll audit your bills and quickly find opportunities to cut the cord.

Greg Headshot 2019 - Square.jpg

Greg Skloot

Founder, TechVIP

Prior to TechVIP, Greg has been the CEO of several Silicon Valley funded software companies, and was selected as Forbes 30 Under 30. He is trusted by many families in Nashville as their go-to technology expert and private technology advisor.

See what TechVIP clients say

“Greg at TechVIP has been an invaluable resource for optimizing my home office setup and simplifying my calendar.״ 

John Tishler

Nashville, TN

“My new iPhone was set up perfectly, and my TechVIP advisor ensured my Alexa smart home was easy to use.״ 
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 2.55.52 PM.png

Warren Hawkins

Nashville, TN

"I wanted my accounts more secure. TechVIP did a security audit and made so many improvements -- thank you!
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 12.53.03 PM.png

Terri Goodwin

Hendersonville, TN


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